Life in Ballycroy

This is a personal project which is set in Ireland, 1952. The illustrations follow the lives of the O’ Ceallaigh family. They are a working, middle-class family that live a somewhat ideal life outside the town of Ballycroy in County Mayo.

Aoibhinn O’ Ceallaigh

It would have been an understatement to have described Aoibhinn as someone who loved flowers. Her house closer resembled a jungle than a living space. It was full of vibrant colours, such that could only be achieved by living things. It was said that the bright tones harmoniously reflected Aoibhinn’s sunny personality.

Lochlann O’ Ceallaigh

After leaving his office each evening, Lochlann would make his way home through town. He was an even-tempered, sociable man. He took great joy in greeting others as he walked and had built many friendships with the people in his community. However, his primary source of happiness derived from his family.

Roisín O’ Ceallaigh

Roisín was a free spirit. She brought colour and life to even the greyest of rooms. Similar to her mother Aoibhinn, she loved the outdoors. Her parents would often find her playing in the woods next to the house accompanied by her dog Maddy.

Séamus O’ Ceallaigh

Since retiring, Séamus enjoyed reading books that he gathered during his time as a college professor. Séamus, like many intellectuals, lived inside his head and enjoyed his own company more than the company of others. His burning curiosity provoked in him a constant desire to discover and learn new things. Unsuprisingly, the appearance of his living space was of little importance to him. It was often cluttered with half-empty mugs of cold tea and crumpled paper covered with illegible scribblings.