This is a personal project that was created to explore robot character design.

Long after humanity has gone extinct, robots roam the forgotten land, encountering everywhere remnants of a past age.


The light from Otto’s torch flickered and danced on the rocky walls. The breeze whistled through the cavity like a mournful howl. The robot continued into the mountain cave eager to see what it would discover. He had not been programmed to feel curiosity.


Edith’s lantern staff clicked on the hardened ground. The shadows bounced and swayed around it. The robot was far behind the others, because they had left without it. She had not been programmed to feel disappointment.


Orpha’s caterpillar tracks had made fast progress over the rocky surface. The robot scanned the dark cave in which it now found itself. It had gone too far ahead of the team and was lost. She had not been programmed to feel loneliness.


Simeon’s cold metal feet clacked against the stony ground. The robot’s radar had detected danger. A sudden sound from the ledge above caused it to stagger back with fright. He had not been programmed to feel fear.